In a world where cyber threats are continuously evolving cutting-edge network security is paramount. OptivITy is a rusted cybersecurity firm in the UK and employs the best experts and technologies to fend off cybercriminals behind threats.

The Dynamic Landscape of Network Security in the UK

Network security in the UK is always adapting to advancements made in information technology. In this ever-evolving environment, being proactive remains the best way to counter cyber threats. OptivITy prides itself on helping organisations defend against current threat trends and anticipate future attacks

On the Button: Threat Intelligence at OptivITy

Are you getting overwhelmed with hearing about businesses being compromised by security attacks? Here at OptivITy, our threat intelligence capabilities focus on staying ahead of cyber threats thereby allowing us to offer timely and efficient protection against emerging risks. By knowing how criminals act online, we support organisations to boost their defences.

Routing and Switching Expertise

In this complex world of network infrastructure reliable engineers for both LAN and WAN interfaces are paramount. In the ever-changing situation in routing and switching, OptivITy has spearheaded software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) as its new areas of specialization. Our engineers will ensure that your network is always on.

Next-Generation Firewall: Fortifying Enterprise Security

A next-generation firewall (NGFW) is an important aspect of any modern enterprise security. To address these needs, OptivITy employs FortiGate NGFWs that offer enterprise-scale security at every edge of your network. These firewalls have additional functionalities that ensure comprehensive protection against different types of cyber threats. OptivITy helps implement trusted solutions that provide a level of reassurance against these new security challenges constantly emerging in your environment.

Device Encryption: Securing Data at its Core

In the digital age, data security has become very vital. OptivITy’s device encryption solutions play a significant role in preventing data misuse and theft attempts by unauthorised persons. A fortified disk encryption system allows the coupling of hardware responsible for holding the disk with the encryption keys, thereby enhancing one more layer of safety. This proactive measure protects sensitive information and safeguards it from being exposed to hacking or data breaches thus safeguarding it from cyber-attacks.

Strengthening Your Defence with OptivITy’s Security Solutions

In conclusion, OptivITy stands at the forefront of network security and cybersecurity services in the UK, offering advanced solutions to safeguard organisations against the ever-changing threat landscape. With a focus on threat intelligence, routing and switching expertise, next-gen firewall solutions, and device encryption, OptivITy is your trusted partner in fortifying your network and securing your data.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What areas does OptivITy cover in routing and switching expertise?

OptivITy excels in both LAN and WAN interfaces, including emerging technologies such as Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV).

How does OptivITy stay ahead of cyber threats?

OptivITy employs advanced threat intelligence capabilities to stay ahead of emerging risks and provide timely defence.

Why is a next-generation firewall essential for enterprise security?

OptivITy leverages FortiGate NGFWs to provide advanced features that fortify network security, countering evolving cyber threats.

How does device encryption work at OptivITy?

OptivITy’s device encryption solutions prevent unauthorised access to data by attaching encryption keys to the hardware holding the disk, ensuring data security.

Why choose OptivITy for network security and cybersecurity services in the UK?**

OptivITy offers expertise in threat intelligence, routing and switching, next-gen firewall solutions, and device encryption, making it a comprehensive and trusted partner for organisations seeking robust security solutions

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