The four primary scenarios that lead businesses to move to The Cloud

To reduce costs

With no capital investment and no in-house maintenance to worry about, The Cloud offers IT solutions that are a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

To improve scalability

Almost every new business has aspirations to grow and widen their customer base, but the cost of increasing your IT infrastructure to meet your changing business needs can be astronomical. The Cloud allows your company to expand without the need to buy more storage space or expensive hardware, allowing you to make significant savings.

To simplify communication

With all key personnel being able to view and share important documents, everyone is on the same page and can communicate with each other in real time. Duplication and miscommunication is rapidly reduced and video calling allows for instant communication anytime, anywhere.

To host several technologies at once

Application development, data preparation and data cleansing is simple in The Cloud and it allows you to adopt several SaaS (software as a service) applications all in one place.

Is it time for you to migrate your business?

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What Our Client’s Say

  • “Our relationship with OptivITy plays an integral part in our mission to move forward in our competitive market, as a business owner, I cannot stress enough the importance of having a trustworthy business partner on board and have no hesitation in recommending their services.”

  • “Optivity have supported our business for several years across many aspects for example; IT Support, Systems Infrastructure, product recommendations, cloud storage, system security and back up.
    We have found OptivITy to be an excellent business partner and they have proven on many occasions that we can trust their expertise and impartial advice to keep our IT systems current, reliable and cost effective.
    I would recommend OptivITy to any organisation looking for a friendly, unique, tailored and honest IT support partner.”

    Ashford Kitchens & Interiors
  • “Whether it’s a simple issue of a UPM being confronted with a ‘the computer says no….’ issue, or the more complex needs of a Studio who are cagey about all aspects of cyber security…. OptivITy are there to assist, advise and sometimes just explain what is needed or not when setting up a production in this tech savvy age.”

    James Grant – Unit Production Manager
  • “The Production Guild has used OptivITy as our sole IT support company for several years.
    Their entire team is genuinely a pleasure to deal with and I always feel comfortable contacting them with big or small queries. If a quick solution isn’t possible, they provide us with clear, understandable and experienced advice on the best option moving forward.
    By expertly guiding us on what products would best fit our needs, they have saved us money on many occasions by suggesting better and more cost-effective solutions, unprompted.
    I think OptivITy provides a trusted, reliable, effective and caring all-around IT support service. I have no hesitation in highly recommending them to anyone and I’m sure the rest of our team here would all agree.”

    The Production Guild
  • “OptivITy have truly made a tremendous difference to the way the team now works both in and out of the office. Efficiency has greatly improved and continues to do so. What is most notable about OptivITy however, is the quick and effective response of the support team who go out of their way to resolve problems in the quickest time possible, applying as many solutions as necessary for a successful outcome. In addition to being brilliant professionals, they are always friendly and gracious, and it is an absolute pleasure to work with everyone at OptivITy.”

    The Asfari Foundation
  • “Making the decision to use OptivITy for all our IT requirements was a wise one. Peter, Sukhie and the team look after all the companies in NeoHealth Hub and the service we have received has been extraordinary. The latest technical advice, guidance on IT strategy along with rapid response to day-to-day queries are all part of the OptivITy package. I cannot imagine running our business model without OptivITy alongside, supporting us.”

    The NeoHealth Hub
  • “I choose Optivity because they were the provider that offered all of the tools we needed along with solid reliable support under one roof. The team have helped enormously with our IT systems, to the extent that I know everything is always taken care of, which subsequently allows me to concentrate and focus on my business. “

    Veracity Accountants