Among the communication technology players in the UK, OptivITy has emerged as a leading VOIP provider with innovative solutions that transcend traditional telephony.

Network Segregation for Enhanced Reliability and Security

At OptivITy, we value network segregation for data and voice. This approach does not only improve the reliability of our networks but also strengthens security as required by Cloud-based systems. Through implementing network segregation, we see to it that data and voice communications work together smoothly in one piece while maintaining high levels of security.

VOIP: Revolutionising Communications with Innovative Solutions

OptivITy’s VOIP services are at the forefront of communication technology. It is an intelligent system which integrates different technologies which enable audio, conferencing, and text-based communications using one seamless platform. Also, our studio office service is all-inclusive with full IT and telephone support. Furthermore, virtual assistants seamlessly combine FAQs alongside call routing to enhance the overall communication experience

Leased Lines: Lightning-Fast Internet Speeds, Anytime

End-to-end OptivITy fibre solution guarantees that it has the ability to provide lightning-fast internet. A consistent and reliable connectivity is ensured by our leased lines even during peak times. This is very important for companies where uninterrupted communication and data transfer is crucial.

MPLS Networks: Ultimate Secure Connections for Organisations

Being a fully meshed private IP network system, OptivITy offers MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) networks as the ultimate choice. Instead of using the normal “addresses,” this new route for networking technology takes traffic through the shortest path using what are called “labels.” Thus, there is a highly secure any-to-any connection which makes MPLS IP-VPN meshed networks ideal for private and secure connections within organisations.


OptivITy’s commitment to excellence in communication solutions sets it apart as the premier choice, offering:

  • Advanced VOIP Solutions:
    OptivITy’s VOIP services consolidate audio, conferencing, and text-based communications, providing a comprehensive and intelligent communication platform.
  • Network Segregation Expertise:
    Our strategic implementation of network segregation ensures enhanced reliability and security, meeting the demands of Cloud-based systems.
  • Leased Lines for Consistent Connectivity:
    OptivITy’s leased lines guarantee lightning-fast internet speeds, providing businesses with consistent and reliable connectivity, crucial for uninterrupted communication.
  • MPLS Networks for Secure Connections:
    With MPLS networks, OptivITy offers the ultimate option for organisations requiring fully meshed private IP networks, ensuring secure any-to-any connections.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Communication with OptivITy’s Innovative Solutions

In conclusion, OptivITy stands as an innovator in communication solutions, offering advanced VOIP services, network segregation, leased lines, and MPLS networks. By prioritising reliability, security, and cutting-edge technology, OptivITy ensures that businesses in the UK experience seamless and secure communication in the digital age.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What is the significance of network segregation at OptivITy?

OptivITy implements network segregation for both data and voice, enhancing network reliability and security, meeting the stringent requirements of on-premise and cloud-based systems.

How does OptivITy’s VOIP service stand out?

OptivITy’s VOIP service consolidates audio, conferencing, and text-based communications, providing an intelligent and comprehensive communication platform.

What guarantees consistent internet speeds at OptivITy?

OptivITy’s leased lines offer dedicated bandwidth, guaranteeing lightning-fast internet speeds even during peak times, ensuring consistent and reliable connectivity.

What is the key feature of MPLS networks at OptivITy?

OptivITy’s MPLS networks route traffic based on “labels” instead of standard “addresses,” ensuring secure any-to-any connections for organisations requiring fully meshed private IP networks.

Why choose OptivITy for communication solutions in the UK?

OptivITy’s commitment to excellence, advanced technology, and a focus on reliability and security make it the premier choice for communication solutions in the UK.

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