With today’s fast-changing business environment where remote work is becoming a norm, the importance of robust IT solutions cannot be overemphasised. As businesses transform themselves to cope with these extraordinary times, the role of cloud technologies for enabling business continuity has become increasingly important

Changing Business Environment and Need for Daily Backups

Technology is adapting rapidly to remote working environments while the traditional office setup disappears. The reliance on cloud technologies has become a cornerstone of business continuity allowing it to go on uninterrupted. However, this shift increases the need for day-to-day data backup solutions given that more business-critical data is stored digitally.

£110K+ is the average cost of a data breach
76% of reported cyber-attacks in 2019
32%of businesses are impacted by data loss
SkyKick: Automated Microsoft 365 Data Snapshots for Peace of Mind

SkyKick is one of the main players in ensuring full daily backups. The solution partner for our information technology is SkyKick. SkyKick saves incremental changes or snapshots of your Microsoft 365 data up to four times a day automatically. Its simplicity distinguishes SkyKick from others: no restrictions on storage, overages, or additional software installations. A fully automated discovery feature ensures that new tenants are backed up instantly to provide total peace of mind.

Acronis: Simplifying Data Protection in a Multi-Vendor Environment

Many businesses go for multi-vendor solutions which always require several tools and services to manage the environment. OptivITy recognises the issues related to this. That’s where Acronis comes in with its VMS software meant to cover all your bases when it comes to protecting your data. It ensures that your data stays secure and legally compliant by guarding against user errors, accidental or intentional file deletion, and ransomware attacks among others. Moreover, its fastest granular restore capability will ensure the company remains operational.

Azure: Navigating the Cloud Landscape for Future-Ready Solutions

With over 200 product offerings and cloud services, Azure is a force when it comes to tackling today’s challenges and tomorrow’s goals. Nevertheless, going through an Azure minefield can be overwhelming. We specialise in guiding companies through Azure complexities. We assist in building frameworks of choice as well as managing applications across multiple cloud platforms thereby guaranteeing seamless future-ready IT infrastructures

Why OptivITy for Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery Services in the UK?

It is important to choose the right cloud backup and disaster recovery services partner. OptivITy is outstanding as a dependable and knowledgeable provider of tailored solutions that meet unique business needs.

  • Expertise in SkyKick Solutions:
    Our partnership with SkyKick will ensure your Microsoft 365 data is protected by automated daily backups. We prioritise simplicity and efficiency, ensuring our clients can have a worry-free experience.
  • Comprehensive data protection with Acronis:
    Comprehensive data protection is guaranteed through the deployment of Acronis VMS software by OptivITy. Our team understands how multi-vendor environments work, which translates into a seamless way of protecting your essential data.
  • Azure mastery for future-ready solutions:
    OptivITy has made it easy to manoeuvre the complexities of Azure. We have been able to fully utilise Azure potential and build frameworks that correlate with both current requirements and aspirations for tomorrow thanks to our proficiency.

Conclusion: Securing Your Business with OptivITy’s Cloud Solutions

In conclusion, the importance of daily backups, disaster recovery, and cloud solutions cannot be overstated as businesses evolve due to changing work environments. With its dedication to excellence in SkyKick and expertise, OptivITy Stands out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What sets SkyKick apart in terms of daily backups?

SkyKick automatically saves Microsoft 365 data up to six times a day with no storage limits, providing simplicity and peace of mind.

How does Acronis protect against ransomware attacks?

Acronis offers VMS software, guarding against accidental or intentional file deletion and ransomware, ensuring data security and legal compliance.


Why is Azure considered a powerhouse for cloud solutions?

Azure offers over 200 products and cloud services, addressing current challenges and positioning businesses for future goals.

Why choose OptivITy for cloud backup services in the UK?

OptivITy combines expertise in SkyKick, Acronis, and Azure, providing tailored solutions for comprehensive data protection and future-ready IT infrastructure.


How does OptivITy ensure a worry-free experience for clients?

OptivITy prioritises simplicity and efficiency in its solutions, ensuring a seamless experience for clients relying on daily backups and disaster recovery services.

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