Cirius 365

Cirius 365 is the ultimate email encryption & file security program which works with your existing email application in the Cloud.

Cirius comes with a reasonably simple cloud migration program that transforms your enterprise’s existing email gateways and email encryption to Cirius 365-level security protocols and encryption. Cirius Works with technologies such as OneLogin, CA SSO, Azure Active Directory (AAD) and biometrics to enable secure user management. It also integrates neatly with Cisco IronPort, Microsoft 365 DLP and CASB to prevent leakage of data rules.

How Cirius 365 Works

Cirius 365 works from within your current email, without the need for plug-in installation. It can work with any email address; it also offers fully-encrypted support for any number of recipients. You will receive real-time status updates of secure messages, files and electronic signature documents.

Cirius comes with Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technology that ensures secure delivery of your messages. It protects your enterprise’s internal and external communications via advanced email encryption, message control and reliable data transfer.

Why choose Cirius 365?

  • Cirius 365 cryptographically hashes all outgoing emails using the latest encryption techniques and then delivers them via secure cloud networks rather than over unsecured email. This enables users to send, receive and track business emails via any device emails with complete security.
  • Cirius 365 integrates seamlessly with your enterprise’s existing email platformsi. So whether you’re using Outlook, Office 365 or Gmail, all it takes is a simple email invite from Cirius to your end-users on to a secure-encrypted platform.
  • Cirius assimilates itself into your Single Sign On (SSO) environment, and works with your DLP deployments and archiving systems to minimize workflow disruption.
  • Through an advanced control panel, you can manage the sending and receiving of large files. You can also manage tracking and control options, including e-signature protocols.
  • With Cirius 365 in place, you can send large files directly and with total security from Outlook, OWA, Sharepoint and OneDrive.

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