Businesses are no more confined to cities, nations or countries anymore; they span across countries, continents and the globe. People around the world are connected to the cloud and on the go, as the workforce demands a new type of flexibility at work today. Geographical locations matter no more! The Cloud technology has helped us work in an infrastructure to keep the devices connected, and we’re never cut off from the world or the business. Skype for business online has come in for a better connectivity whether you’re working at the studio of your office or by the beach in Bali. What the Skype for business adds on licensing was initially known as Microsoft Lync.

What’s different from Skype?

Schedule meetings and broadcast video for larger groups – Skype for business online allow you to schedule meetings and have a video call with a large group of people – wherever they are located at.

  • Search and connect: You can connect with anyone- either through the world-wide Skype consumer directory you can search for the people you would like to connect with or through the company’s directory with ‘name’ and ‘skill’ options.
  • Works with other office programs – You can collaborate on Skype for business on all Microsoft 360 applications – on word, excel or outlook. Whether you are working on an excel sheet and need advice from your co-worker about a minor issue, you can quickly create a chat box right there. Your meetings set on outlook are transferred to Skype for business online, and an email is shot to everyone on the team.
  • Screen presentation for meetings – If you have something on your screen that needs to be presented to all the members of the meeting, you can have your screen displayed on all their devices and you can either take control or let someone else take control of the meeting agenda. 


What are add-on licenses?

If you want some more specific features in Skype for Business along with the basic ones, then you can buy add-on licenses as and when required. Some businesses want the flexibility of purchasing only specific features at a competitive price.

How does add-on licensing affect cost?

If you want to buy only few add-on licenses, then you can purchase them individually. But, if there are several add-ons required then buying a bundle of software in an Enterprise plan will result in less overall cost. As purchasing a lot of them individually may end up with higher combined cost.

What features can I get with add-on licenses?

Depending on which plan you already have, you can buy add-on licenses for the following Skype for Business features:

  1. Dial-in conferencing (also called PSTN conferencing): Sometimes people in your organization will need to use a phone to call into a Skype for Business meeting, instead of using their computer. Use the dial-in conferencing feature for this situation.
  2. Toll free numbers for dial-in access to your conferences, and the ability to dial out from a conference to add someone by calling any telephone number in the world.
  3. Phone System: A PBX is a telephone system in a business.
  4. Calling: if you want your users to be able to call any phone numbers outside of your business

Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX is a hosted telephone service in Office 365. It gives you both traditional and innovative PBX capabilities, but without the complicated and expensive equipment. Here’s what you get with Cloud PBX.

To use Cloud PBX, you need to obtain a telephone service, including phone numbers, from your existing provider(s) – OR – buy the PSTN calling telephone service to obtain telephone service and phone numbers from Microsoft.

Cloud PBX voicemail

To get voicemail, buy the Cloud PBX add-on AND the Exchange Online Plan 2 add-on. Here’s how Cloud PBX voicemail works: When a user receives a voicemail, it will be delivered to their mailbox as an email with the voicemail message as an attachment. These messages can be heard from their Skype certified desktop phone, Lync for Mac 2011 or all Skype for Business online applications.

To assign phone numbers to people in your business and let them make PSTN calls using Cloud PBX endpoints, you need to buy the PSTN Calling telephone service from Microsoft, OR connect Cloud PBX to your existing on-premises provider.

PSTN calling telephone service

The calls made to other Skype for Business users are free of cost, but in case if you want your users to be able to call any phone numbers outside of your business, then you shall get the PSTN calling telephone service. To get PSTN calling: You always need to buy the Cloud PBX add-on.

You need to buy a PSTN Calling plan: If you do not already have a PSTN service provider to make voice calls, you also have to buy a Skype for Business PSTN Calling plan for the PSTN calling telephone service to work.

If you already have a PSTN calling service and want to use the same, then buy the Cloud PBX add-on and use it with the free Cloud connector.

Meetings and calls with anyone

You can meet with upto 250 people—even if they’re not on Skype for Business. They just need to have a phone or internet connection to connect. Its like collaborating with anyone on any device.

Powerful productivity with Office

You see when your work colleagues are available, especially if they are working from different locations, share documents, schedule meetings in Outlook, and start conversations or meetings from apps like Word and PowerPoint.

Security and control

All the conversations are protected by strong authentication and encryption, and you manage employee accounts and features.

Skype for business is a revolutionary step for the workforce that wants to work with travel explorations, with meetings on the go. Skype for business is available on android, mac and windows platforms for overall accessibility. And, the best part is that we are there to provide you with the solution.