EMS / Intune

Enterprise Mobility Suite

The workforce today is a generation of millennials who love to work, travel and gain meaningful experience – all at the same time. With more and more people in the workforce willing to work out of the office, through digital mediums, Enterprise Mobility Suite is the answer to keeping your workflow and productivity intact with the flexibility your people ask for. With EMS, you can manage smartphones, tablets, and laptops in a single system where you can also manage user credentials, applications and security from a single place.


Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite is a comprehensive solution for your consumerisation of IT and bring-your-own-device challenges. Because it’s all fully integrated with other key Microsoft packages, it’s also the most cost effective way to acquire these popular services

Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium

Microsoft Intune mobile device and application management

Microsoft Azure rights management information protection

Benefits of EMS

Simplified Deployment of Active directory

EMS provides secure single sign-on for all applications from the cloud and existing on premise environments. The productivity rises up in the case when the employees have just one username and password to remember. The best thing is- it provides consistent and intuitive user experience from any device and within any application.

Increased Flexibility & productivity

Organizations and the workforce are both pushing for shorter working hours and four-day working weeks or a flexible working route where you can work from anywhere in the world. With this in mind, the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite gives your organization the power to be able to work flexibly and productively from anywhere in the world.

Ease of Access

Microsoft Intune is the cloud and mobile-based device management tool that allows the Enterprise Mobility Suite to work by helping organizations to provide employees with the access to corporate applications, data and resources for the device of the choice of each employee. This means whether you want to work using your tablet, phone or your home-based desktop – the access is smooth and seamless.

Top of the range security and privacy

Corporate data needs to be secured at all times as the information is sensitive, private and organizational. Security of data should not be compromised just to ease the access, and that’s a significant advantage of using the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite that it allows for secure access from anywhere in the world at any time.

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