Our Work

We assist our clients in making sure that the organization can migrate to cloud seamlessly and allow their workforce to collaborate and work from any location be it the home office or on the beach without compromising on productivity and efficiency!

The workforce of the current times wants to explore new lands, reach greater heights, live the life of the party and work together without compromising on either. Well, cloud technology is our foundation now, and there’s a lot that can be achieved – whether you want to work across the boardroom or continent, it is almost the same since organizations can now easily migrate to cloud and leverage cloud solutions to achieve greater collaboration allowing employees to work in real time, whether you are on a beach in Hawaii or at your office in London.

As an organization, if you want to start the journey to migrate to cloud, we can assist in providing the knowledge and technical solutions to make the transition effortless allowing your business to take advantages of flexible solutions cloud based technology can offer. With your data securely stored in the cloud, employees can collaborate with Teams on the go using a mobile phone or tablet such as working on the same document in real-time or attending a board meeting with attendees located at in different geographical points around the world.

Ultimately, we assist businesses to implement solutions that allow their employees to collaborate and provide the flexibility of working remotely or from offices in different geographical locations. With this flexibility, access to your data must be secured so we implement several layers of authentication to make sure that no unauthorised person can gain access to confidential information or systems can be breached.

Furthermore, we facilitate businesses with their information technology strategies by consulting on Cloud Services such Assessment, Planning, Security, Disaster Recovery and Support. And as a technology business, we partner with industry leaders in cloud solutions allowing OptivITy to offer best of breed solutions backed by a team of fully qualified engineers and support staff.