File Collaboration

Optivity File Sharing Solutions: one-stop solution to all your file sharing concerns

The modern workforce is disruptive as well as slightly distributed. Distributed teams bring in distributed work, hundreds of files, and millions of updates. This practice comes with difficulties of its own.

We know that multiple people in your team tend to contribute to the same document where the content changes must be reflected at all ends. Hence, either you can send updated versions to each team members, and wait for them to pick up from there OR you can implement state of the art Optivity File Collaboration and management software and access up-to-the-minute content in a flash.

How to know if you need our file collaboration tool? Are you,

  • Taking too long to access the remotely located file?
  • Struggling to sync the content of your colleague in your file?
  • Waiting for access permission from a coworker from different time zone who went to sleep without sharing it?
  • Unaware of changes your teammate made in base project code?
  • Unable to keep track of comments?
  • Uninformed to changes the other party made in your contract?
Not anymore. Optivity takes away the pain of collaborating content and files and all these problems of yours are a thing of past.

In addition to anytime access to latest content, following are the prime benefits of implementing a file collaboration tool.

Perks of Cloud Collaboration

Optivity document sharing bestows upon you the cloud computing perks of all respects. File syncing on cloud saves you precious time that you can use to accelerate your project work. Hands-on central data management eliminates the need for managing multiple versions of the same file. Besides, all contributors can easily mark comments right with the content, which makes it hassle-free to communicate suggestions and opinions.

Content synced in real time

The updates are synced across as soon as someone implements them. All the changes and edits are reflected in real time that can be accessed instantly. The real-time collaboration gives you latest file version every time you access it.

Backup file storage

The backup mechanism is a saving grace in times of data corruption or loss. Investing in a separate backup management solution can cost you money, time and even storage. The OptivITy file sharing solution even allows you to backup your important data. Moreover, the files shared in the collaborator are easy to retrieve.

Notifications and Alerts

Probably, the best advantage of file sharing is being notified when there is an update done in a document shared with you. The result is, you don’t need to rummage through the entire document to locate an edit your coworker made. The system sends you notification of changes that require your attention and you can even track them. Take a sigh of relief!

More input from More people

People tend to contribute proactively when you make it easier for them. When you equip them with mechanisms to access files others are working on with our file sharing solution, they would conveniently make suggestions to optimize your work. Co-creation thus sets the bar higher.

Easily store and share large files

It’s a known headache that you cannot circulate files larger than a couple of MBs through emails, let alone sending multimedia files. Optivity simplifies this for you big time. Store large files on the cloud; share it with your entire team that can be accessed in real time.    

Above all, you perform better

Your team is bound to thrive when equipped with best in class project collaboration solution. Gone are the days of haphazard management; your team can share tasks in a centralized manner, delegate tasks coherently and in the end communicate efficiently.

Today a team does not necessarily sit and work under one single room. Modern team members work from across the seas. While a team working together crucially needs latest project data.

Make your team future ready, equip them with Optivity.