Backup Exchange

IT companies have fuelled the need for teamwork and data sharing. SharePoint online aids this requirement of collaboration with colleagues and customers. It is a cloud-based service, integrated with office 365, and availed by organizations to share sites, documents, spreadsheets and other necessary data amongst the employees. Though we have the advantages of data storage on the cloud at our side, the cloud backup vulnerabilities need to be addressed.

Need of Cloud backup

Data on the cloud is continuously exposed to the threat of losses due to many factors like:

  1. Human error
  2. Hacking
  3. Malfunctioning software

Any data lost can cost not only money but also time and productivity. There is only a 14 day retention period for Office 365 Exchange E1. Post the 14th day; there is no scope for data recovery. SharePoint and OneDrive provides support for storage and exchange, but the excellent backup plan is not included. This ultimately makes cloud backup as one of the priority elements.

Data backup can again be distinguished as data protection and data recovery.

Backup requirements

  1. Easy setup and no installation hassle
  2. Ease of use and management
  3. Unlimited storage
  4. Quick and easy restoration
  5. Smart and robust search mechanism
  6. Affordable plans and charges

Optivity recommends SkyKick as it is one such reliable cloud backup technologies that can protect data on SharePoint, OneDrive and Office 365 exchange online.

Why SkyKick?

It supplements you with unlimited backup on a daily basis for all kinds of business data. It has no data caps, and you can avail unlimited retention for all your emails and files. Set is made extremely easy with no installation. Auto-discovery of SharePoint sites and mailboxes is an added benefit. One click restoration is one of its sought-after features. It saves hours of restoration efforts resulting in productivity and customer satisfaction. Overall SkyKick is one of the best solutions for all office 365 and SharePoint backup concerns.

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