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Support your IT department

Why you should use an IT company to support your IT team?

You may already have an IT department or an IT team, but supporting your IT team with an IT company can be valuable. An IT support company can help support you through a project, expansion or relocation.

Our advice and support can help you plan your growth and expansion. We can help increase productivity and have a range of expertise and skills onsite. In today’s society more than 90% of companies rely on IT to keep ahead of there competition, OptivITy can assist by being that extra resource in critical times.

How we help support your current IT team

  • Save money on specialist training – have a vast pool of expertise and resources
  • Can help support large projects
  • Will help cover holiday/sickness
  • Will give your IT team support/advise on complicated infrastructures
  • Improved network stability – helping you to keep your IT up and running
  • Access to specalised IT procurement services
  • Immediate assistance during critical times.

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